LeBron James: Cryptic off-court issue has nothing to do with Lakers

Lakers star LeBron James
Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

Asked about the Lakers’ struggles in the bubble, LeBron James brought up an off-court issue but refused to get specific.

That mysterious problem has drawn more attention with the Lakers dropping Game 1 to the Trail Blazers.

Chris Haynes of TNT:


I can just tell you this: It has nothing to do with our team. One thing about our team, we have zero lack of team chemistry and camaraderie. That’s the one thing that our team will always strive and always be about. It’s a little bit more intricate than that. I might tell you when the cameras ain’t on. It has nothing to do with the Lakers and our group. Our group is probably as close as ever before because of the situation, even more since we’re here. So, Lake Show, Laker Nation, don’t worry about that. It has nothing to do with the ballclub. We’re great. We’re great. Yeah, we’re great. We’re great.

LeBron does this. He had a secret motivation a few years ago that invited speculation. This comes from the same place.

He enjoys the attention. There’s a flex in being so famous and powerful, people hang on even your intentionally vague words.

LeBron does have that clout. The LeBron-led Lakers are extremely popular and a championship contender. They’re stumbling, and people want to know why.

Maybe we’ll eventually learn what LeBron is talking about – especially if he overcomes this obstacle. He’ll want credit for that.