Hornets suspend radio announcer for using n-word in tweet (inadvertently, he says)

Charlotte Hornets vs. Denver Nuggets
Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Donovan Mitchell scored 57 points. Jamal Murray was even better in the clutch. The Nuggets beat the Jazz in overtime.

Hornets radio announcer John Focke tweeted about the thrilling Game 1 of the Denver-Utah series, using the n-word instead of “Nuggets”:



Do I think Focke intended to tweet the n-word? No.

Does this raise questions about his prior typing? Yes. Autocorrect wouldn’t make that change without previous usage.

But this wasn’t necessarily an autocorrect issue. On a standard keyboard, “i” is next to “u” and “r” is next to “t.” This could just be an extremely unfortunate pair of single-letter typos.

The Hornets should look into this, as they’re doing. Hopefully, they know/learn enough about Focke to make a judgment based on far more than what he says was – and plausibly could be – an isolated typo.