76ers (via Thunder) win tiebreaker, 2020 NBA Draft order nearly set for final 46 picks

Thunder big Mike Muscala
David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The Thunder lost their first-round pick to Philadelphia when Thunder big Mike Muscala hit a game-winner last week.

The 76ers won’t just get the pick. They’ll get the highest pick available pick in a three-team tiebreaker.

Philadelphia won a tiebreaker with the Nuggets (who own the Rockets’ first-rounder) and Jazz for selections in the 2020 NBA draft. The draft order:

  • 21. 76ers (via Thunder)
  • 22. Nuggets (via Rockets)
  • 23. Jazz

The Kings also won a tiebreaker drawing with the Pelicans for the No. 12 seed vs. No. 13 seed in the lottery.

Both teams were tied entering seeding games then missed the playoffs. So, it doesn’t matter New Orleans went 2-6 in seeding games to Sacramento’s 3-5. The teams were considered still tied for lottery order.

The Kings will get 13 lottery combinations to the Pelicans’ 12. Sacramento will also draft ahead of New Orleans if neither team moves up in the lottery.

Thursday’s lottery will determine who gets picks 1-14 and 42/43. But the rest of the 2020 NBA Draft order is now set:

First round

15. Magic

16. Trail Blazers

17. Timberwolves (via Nets via Hawks)

18. Mavericks

19. Nets (via 76ers via Clippers)

20. Miami

21. 76ers (via Thunder via 76ers via Magic)

22. Nuggets (via Rockets)

23. Jazz

24. Bucks (via Pacers)

25. Thunder (via Nuggets)

26. Celtics

27. Knicks (via Clippers)

28. Lakers

29. Raptors

30. Celtics (via Bucks via Suns)

Second round

31. Mavericks (via Warriors)

32. Hornets (via Cavaliers via Magic via Clippers)

33. Timberwolves

34. 76ers (via Hawks)

35. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

36. 76ers (via Knicks)

37. Wizards (via Bulls)

38. Knicks (via Hornets)

39. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

40. Grizzlies (via Suns)

41. Spurs

42. Pelicans or Kings*

43. Pelicans or Kings*

44. Bulls (via Grizzlies)

45. Magic

46. Trail Blazers

47. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

48. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

49. 76ers

50. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

51. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

52. Kings (via Rockets)

53. Thunder

54. Pacers

55. Nets (via Nuggets)

56. Hornets (via Celtics)

57. Clippers

58. Kings (via Pistons via Suns)

59. Raptors

60. Pelicans (via Bucks)

*Whichever of the Pelicans or Kings gets the higher first-round pick will pick lower in the second round and vice versa.