Kelly Loeffler says she won’t sell share of Atlanta Dream

Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

WNBA players are trying to oust Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler, a Republican Georgia U.S. Senator, because she holds political stances they disagree with and is advocating against the league supporting Black Lives Matter.

Asked by Laura Ingraham on Fox News whether there was any chance she’d sell her share of the team, Loeffler said “No.”


The amount of hypocrisy Loeffler displays here is staggering:

  • Loeffler says sports should unite people. The WNBA seems united behind the Black Lives Matter movement. Loeffler is the one challenging that unity. She wants people to unite around only messages she supports.
  • Loeffler condemns cancel culture. Yet, she’s trying to silence the many people within the WNBA who are speaking out.
  • Loeffler says politics don’t belong in sports. But she wants the WNBA to embrace a political symbol in the American flag. She tagged her interview about the basketball league with #gapol and #gasen. Loeffler is running to keep her seat, and she is using her sports-team ownership to amplify her message.

Loeffler has drawn comparisons to former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whose record included doing far worse. But their commonality: They both clung to their team ownership as turmoil encircled them.