Alex Len tests positive for coronavirus, reportedly among at least four Kings to do so

Kings center Alex Len
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Kings players Buddy Hield and Jabari Parker tested positive for coronavirus.

So did Sacramento center Alex Len – and reportedly at least one more Kings player.

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

Sarah Hodges of CBS Sacramento:

Parker said he was in Chicago. Len said he was in Sacramento. It’s unclear where Hield and any other players who tested positive have been recently, which means it’s unclear whether there’s a teamwide breakout or an unfortunate set of occurrences.

Per COVID-19 Projections, 0.4% of people in the United States are estimated to currently have coronavirus. Reportedly, 23.5% of Kings players have it.

This could be a major problem for the Kings, though there’s still more information to uncover.

Hopefully, Len can join Sacramento in Disney World, as he desires. And hopefully, the team gets there safely.