Report: NBA won’t test players for marijuana in Disney World bubble


NBA players will face tight restrictions while playing high-stakes games in the Disney World bubble. It sounds stressful.

But at least players will be able to unwind with marijuana without league punishment.

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The NBA reportedly stopped drug testing players during its coronavirus hiatus. Will the league ever test for marijuana again?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver feared the message that’d be sent to children if the NBA relaxed its marijuana policy. This could be an opportunity to slide into allowing it.

Like many vices available to NBA players, marijuana can be used both responsibly and irresponsibly. The drug is becoming increasingly legalized in the United States, and the NBA’s ban seems out of touch. Many players already use marijuana, anyway.

Owners and players must negotiate how to proceed on so many issues, including altering a Collective Bargaining Agreement not built for a pandemic. So much is on the table.

Marijuana could be, too.