Warriors GM Bob Myers lauds sports as ‘color blind and meritocracy of sorts’

Warriors coach Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

When Golden State fired Mark Jackson (who’s black) to hire Steve Kerr (who’s white), I expressed reservations about the process. Not because the Warriors downgraded at coach. Turns out, they got a massive upgrade. But because Golden State owner Joe Lacob explained the importance of being golfing buddies with Kerr in Kerr getting the job.

That didn’t sound like someone confronting his biases to hire the best person possible.

More evidence that the Warriors don’t handle such issues properly…

Mark Medina of USA Today:

Bob Myers is wrong.

There are numerous examples from within the NBA alone.

Can the hyper-competitiveness of sports sometimes push sports to progress more quickly than other sectors? Yes. But sports exist within our greater society. They are not immune from the problems of society, and racism and sexism are problems of society.

Given his full answer, it sounds as if Myers’ heart is in the right place. That’s good. It also isn’t enough. He ought to give more consideration to the biases that exist within sports rather they pretend they don’t exist. Doing so thoughtfully would lead to meaningful change for the better.