With no home court in NBA restart, top teams reportedly asking for other advantages

Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Milwaukee Bucks reward for having the best record in the NBA is that they get home-court advantage in every round…

Except with 22 teams invited to Orlando for the restart, every game will be on a neutral court. There will be no home-court advantage for the league’s top teams, no fans to cheer them on, no spending more time in their homes and own beds. Choosing what color uniform to wear is not an advantage.

That has the top teams lobbying the league for some advantage. Dave McMenamin of ESPN laid out some of the ideas top teams have floated.

• The higher-seeded team being allowed to designate one player to be able to be whistled for seven fouls instead of six before fouling out.

• The higher-seeded team receiving an extra coach’s challenge.

• The higher-seeded teams being able to transport their actual hardwood home court from their home arenas to Orlando to try to preserve the feel of their home playing experience.

All these plans are likely DOA since it would require a 2/3 vote of the owners to approve them (good luck convincing teams to give their opponent an advantage). There were other suggestions as well but they likely face the same fate.

This is what has gone on around the league for the past few weeks — teams lobbying for their self-interests. Whether it’s bringing all 30 teams to Orlando or seeding 1-16 (both ideas that appear dead) or a host of other options, it’s all about teams trying to tilt the setup in their favor.

Thursday the owners will vote on a plan, and while some details will need to be worked out they will fall in line behind whatever Adam Silver suggests. He has built up the political capital to do that. Just don’t expect that plan to have a lot of home court advantage.