The time Dominique Wilkins demanded a ball boy (actually new Clippers teammate) get him socks


Dominique Wilkins was MAD the Hawks traded him to the Clippers in 1994. Atlanta was one of the NBA’s best teams. The Clippers were among the worst. He called it the “most senseless trade I can imagine.”

Arriving in Los Angeles didn’t help his mood.

Wilkins on the “NBA Inside Stuff ’90s Reunion:”

When I first got traded to the Clippers, I’m pissed off because I got traded. I go in the locker room. I see this kid wearing a pair of Clippers shorts and a long t-shirt. And, again, I’m pissed off. I sit down and say, “Hey, ball boy. Go get me some socks.” He said, “I ain’t no damn ball boy. I play on this team.” I didn’t know.

It was Randy Woods. I never saw the kid play.

This is one of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever heard!

The No. 16 overall pick from La Salle in the 1992 NBA Draft, Woods played sparingly his first season-and-a-half. A single minute was all Wood played against Wilkins’ Hawks before the trade.

Woods didn’t distinguish himself after, either. He lasted just four seasons in the NBA, falling out of the league after a brief stint with the Nuggets.

Somehow, it got even worse for Wilkins with the Clippers that season.