Report: If all 30 NBA teams play at single site, games would begin at about noon daily

Juan Hernangomez
Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA has now gone 71 straight days without a game, which would be – BY FAR – the longest in-season stoppage in league history.

How early in the day would you watch a game now?

Keith Smith:

It’s still unclear whether non-playoff teams will resume and whether games be held in only one location. So, this plan might not apply.

But this is good insight into the league’s approach.

The main point of playing more regular-season games would be fulfilling local-TV contracts. On one hand, local TV networks might object to games held so far out of prime time. On the other hand, more people are home during the day – either working or unemployed – than usual. Everyone might be content to generate some money rather than no money.

The big revenue comes in the playoffs, and that’s when the format will look more normal (though still not at home sites).