Big3 cancels 2020 season, plans return for 2021

Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Big3 tried. It even came up with a “Big Brother with basketball” alternative plan of keeping some players in a reality show style house — guys living together and playing against one another — but even that proved difficult to pull off.

The Big3 has canceled its 2020 season, but will be back in 2021 — and the “Big3: Not in My House” reality series will be part of that.

“We tried everything in our power to give our fans a nice 2020 season but with a long list of obstacles, we decided to shift our focus to having a great 2021 season with our fans in the stands,” said BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube. “Our goal from day one has always been to provide a remarkable experience full of top-level competition and entertainment. With the creation of BIG3: Not in My House and more time to prepare for the season, we will definitely come back with the fire.”

The league will return with CBS Sports as its television partner for next season, which is key.

In its press release announcing the cancelation, the Big3 cited “safety, uncertainty of testing, changing government regulations, insurance and liability issues, sponsor and advertiser challenges of their own” for the decision.

The Big3’s schedule for next season, and how the likely change in the upcoming NBA season — expect them to start next season in December — impacts the timing, has yet to be decided. The Big3 added that “BIG3: Not in My House” is still in the works and would premiere sometime before the regular season.