Report: James Harden wasn’t on call with other NBA superstars

James Harden and Chris Paul
AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Several NBA stars joined a conference call to unite on finishing the season. On the call, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

Noticeably absent: James Harden.

I didn’t want to read to much into that. Haynes never claimed to name everyone on the call. Perhaps, Haynes couldn’t confirm every participant.


Kendrick Perkins on ESPN:

I called Chris Haynes, and he clarified to me – from his knowledge – that James Harden was not on that call.

I’d still caution against jumping to conclusions. Maybe Harden was invited and couldn’t join. Maybe there’s some other benign explanation.

But this only furthers the notion Harden is disliked by fellow players – especially Paul.

President of the National Basketball Players Association, Paul reportedly arranged the call. Paul developed a rift with Harden while they played together on the Rockets.

Harden’s proclivity for drawing fouls/flopping and complaining/whining has also bothered plenty of opponents.

Of course, Harden has allies, including Westbrook and Durant, who were both on the call. This definitely isn’t a case of everyone hating Harden. Animosity might not extend too far past Paul.

But, fairly or not, this is getting treated as more evidence Harden is resented throughout the league.