Michael Jordan trash talked Bulls mascot

Michael Jordan and Bulls masct
AP Photo/Tim Boyle

Was Michael Jordan an extraordinary leader or extraordinary jerk?

The debate swirls.

New evidence for submission…

J.A. Adande, who covered the Bulls for the Chicago Sun-Times, on The Lowe Post:

Benny The Bull sort of – his shape morphs over the years, and he becomes this more rotund Phillie Phanatic type of body – right? – over the years with the dyed hair. So, then, Zach, you remember they bring in Da Bull, who – as you’re getting into the more athletic mascots in the 90s, the guys who jump off the trampolines and stuff. So, Benny has become this overweight Bull. So, they add Da Bull to all this trampoline stuff, right? So, Jordan being Jordan trash talks Benny The Bull and says, “You’re no good. That’s why they brought in Da Bull to replace you.” He used to trash talk Benny The Bull.

I’d give Jordan the benefit of the doubt: He probably said this mostly in jest.

But I also believe Jordan was so intent on trying to provoke people, he couldn’t really turn that off. Even while joking around. With a mascot.