Patrick Ewing’s Olympic gold medals, Georgetown title ring were stolen (and replaced)

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Patrick Ewing picked up a lot of hardware during his playing career. There was the 1984 NCAA Championship ring at Georgetown. Then there were the two Olympic gold medals (1984 in Los Angeles, and the 1992 “Dream Team” in Barcelona).

He had all of that stolen.

Ewing talked about it on “The Dan Patrick Show” (hat tip ESPN).

“My house got broken into in New York, and at one point they stole my medals,” Ewing said. “So I called [then chairman of USA Basketball] Jerry Colangelo and he was great to be able to get me two replacement medals…

“He took care of me,” Ewing said of Colangelo. “He’s a great guy.”…

“They did take my college championship ring, but someone tried to sell it on eBay and I was able to get that back,” said Ewing.

While this happened years ago, Ewing said Tuesday was the first time he talked about it.

Ewing, as the best player on the Knicks in the 1990s, was pulled into The Last Dance spotlight because of the rivalry between Jordan and the Knicks. For his part, Ewing has moved on, spending years as an NBA assistant coach before taking over as the head coach of Georgetown, his alma mater.