Nuggets’ Mason Plumlee: NBA could resume play in multiple locations

Nuggets center Mason Plumlee
Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

If the NBA continues it season in a bubble, will play resume in Orlando or Las Vegas?

Maybe both.

Nuggets alternate union rep Mason Plumlee, via Mike Singer of The Denver Post:

“There have been a lot of proposals thrown around. … From the union meetings, I’ve learned that there are developing plans and strategies to bring the season back.”

“People know that we’re playing for the TV at this point. It’s unrealistic to expect any kind of attendance. I know that they’ve talked about cutting down the travel party. I’ve heard proposals of one city, two cities, three cities with 10 teams, an expedited finish to the season or a differentiated version of the playoffs.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused major uncertainty. The key theme to NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s last press conference: Practically everything is on the table. So, it’s unclear which ideas have traction and which are just floating in the ether. But Plumlee citing union meetings makes it more likely there’s something to a multi-location plan.

It seems reckless to play in separate bubbles if teams must eventually cross bubbles. Gathering everyone in one coronavirus-free location is complicated enough. No need to force additional travel.

So, perhaps one bubble would be for playoff teams (whatever form the postseason takes). Setting the postseason field without playing more games and not bringing lottery teams to the bubble would bring a major advantage: The fewer people in the bubble, the less likely coronavirus will infiltrate.

Good luck generating interest in the other bubble, though.

I just don’t see the NBA handling the logistics of multiple bubbles, especially if teams must eventually cross bubbles. But the plan is apparently being discussed.