Tilman Fertitta: Rockets would never be sold unless the whole world came to an end’

Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The notion Tilman Fertitta won’t sell even a share of the Rockets?

Confirmed now by Ferttita himself.

Fertitta, via Sam Amick of The Athletic:

“The Rockets would never be sold, unless the whole world came to an end and then it wouldn’t matter, ok?” said Fertitta, whose Rockets (40-24) were tied for fifth in the Western Conference when the season was suspended. “If I ever sell the Rockets, it’s because we don’t exist anymore as a country with the rule of law. We’re having anarchy in the street, and at that point there’s no buyers.

“I don’t need partners so I don’t have partners,” he said. “There’s just no interest in having partners. I think all owners would love not to have partners, but not all teams financially can do that. I have the opportunity that me and my family can own this team 100 percent, and there’s no reason to ever change that.”

Fertitta bought the Rockets in 2017 by taking on debt.

Due to backlash for Daryl Morey’s tweet (which supported Hong Kong protesters, who are trying to maintain and expand their freedoms), the Rockets lost substantial revenue in China.

On March 6, Fertitta said his restaurants were losing nearly $1 million per day in sales. And that was even before the NBA shut down. Since, social distancing has become far more prevalent. His companies have had massive layoffs, though Fertitta said all Rockets employees have kept their jobs and full salaries.

If Fertitta has enough cash to get through the coronavirus pandemic without selling a share of the Rockets, more power to him.

But this wouldn’t be the first time he talked a bigger game than he played.