LeBron James pushes back on idea of canceling NBA season

LeBron James Orlando
Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

There’s a lot of understandable frustration among NBA agents and executives. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is being patient, saying data will drive any decisions, and so far there is not enough information. Maybe the NBA returns and plays some regular season games in a bubble in Orlando, perhaps they go straight to the playoffs, maybe the entire thing is canceled. Right now, there are no answers.

Thursday, a report surfaced that some agents and executives are urging Adam Silver to cancel the season, to move on and focus on next season.

LeBron James is having none of that.

LeBron, having his best regular season since he lived close enough to bike to the American Airlines Arena in Miami, has real motivation to want to play out this season. The Lakers are serious championship contenders, and winning a ring with the Lakers is another boost to LeBron’s legacy (bringing back one of the league’s flagship franchises from its darkest stretch). He does not want to throw away his shot. Will the Lakers be serious contenders next season? Probably. But NBA seasons are unpredictable — injuries, other teams emerging as contenders, age, a million little things can throw off a season.

LeBron wants to take his chances with this group right now. He is rested and ready to go.

LeBron was not the only person to push back on the idea that the season will be canceled.

Speaking to sources around the league, there is a real desire to play out the playoffs, in the least. People want to crown a champion. But when you look at the restrictions on players just getting back in the gym, it seems a daunting task to play games again.

Everyone has a spin. Agents of players coming into the league don’t want to see that pushed back to September. Players, especially ones on contenders such as LeBron, want to get on the court and play. Everyone has an opinion.

Sitting back, taking it all in, and taking his time is Adam Silver. Whatever decision he ultimately makes, he’s not going to be rushed or pressured into it by anyone.