Michael Jordan: I still hate Bad Boys Pistons

Bulls star Michael Jordan and Pistons forward Dennis Rodman
Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Episode 1 of “The Last Dance” documentary focused on Michael Jordan. Episode 2 focused on Scottie Pippen.

Episode 3 will be the Dennis Rodman show.

Which means revisiting the Bulls’ rivalry with Rodman’s former team, the Pistons.

Detroit eliminated Chicago in 1988, 1989 and 1990 with a physical and stifling defense that targeted Jordan. Those playoff battles hardened him, and the Bulls finally broke through in 1991, topping the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals.

Infamously – and regrettably, according to Detroit star Isiah Thomas – many Pistons left the court without shaking the Bulls’ hands after the series

Jordan, via Adam Graham of The Detroit News:

“I hated ’em,” Jordan says of the back-to-back championship-winning Pistons. “And the hate carries even to this day.”

There was a lot of bad blood between Jordan and the Pistons, especially Thomas. It definitely went both ways.

But even Thomas – an incredible competitor in his own right – mostly sounds like he has moved on (at least publicly).

Jordan’s ability to hold a grudge knows no bounds.