One year ago today: Damian Lillard ends Westbrook/George Thunder, waves goodbye


It’s as savage a game-winner as you are ever going to see.

Damian Lillard was pounding the ball 37 feet from the basket with one of the game’s best perimeter defenders on him in Paul George. Lillard just pulled up. “That’s a bad, bad shot. I don’t care what anybody says,” George said after the game. “That’s a bad shot. But hey, he made it.”

Made it waved goodbye to Russell Westbrook. Ice cold. Later, Lillard took another dig and said, “That was for Seattle.” Ouch. Within a few months, George was in Los Angeles and Westbrook was in Houston.

Enjoy it one more time (unless you’re a Thunder fan, then just turn away).

I can’t wait until we have basketball to watch again.