As Georgia lifts coronavirus restrictions, Celtics’ Jaylen Brown says stay home and don’t listen

Celtics wing Jaylen Brown
Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is leading the way for reducing social-distancing restrictions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kemp – who admitted startlingly recently to not knowing coronavirus could be spread by asymptomatic carriers – has received criticism for his plan.

Including from Celtics wing Jaylen Brown, a Georgia native.

Jay King of The Athletic:

Brown is intelligent and holds interests beyond basketball. He wrote thoughtfully on coronavirus and race for The Guardian.

There are legitimate reasons to be skeptical of Kemp’s plan.

But shutting down the economy also has consequences. People need money to support themselves and their families.

Brown has an income that many do not. As Dwyane Wade said, it’s easier to stay home when you’re rich.

Brown’s advice is good for people privileged enough to follow it. We should continue to socially distance as much as reasonably possible. But what’s reasonable varies for different people, and some people need to work.