President Trump says he will engage with Adam Silver, Mark Cuban about reopening economy

Alex Wong/Getty Images

We have to get our sports back.”

President Donald Trump said that Tuesday in a press conference about steps to reopen the economy. As part of a 120-person/company list of people he would talk to and engage with on the topic of when and how to bring the nation back, Trump named both NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Dallas Mavericks owner (and entrepreneur) Mark Cuban.

Silver was part of a recent call involving the president and sports commissioners and said he wants the NBA to return and help lead a restart of the economy, but first he needs an “all clear” from public health officials.

That message has not changed from the league. The NBA is looking to health experts for guidance on when and how it can restart.

Trump also said he would speak to owners such as the NFL’s Robert Kraft (Patriots) and Jerry Jones (Cowboys), both of whom are public supporters of the president.

Trump went on to talk about finding temporary solutions until things can return to something resembling normal.

The NBA is coming up with scenarios to have the playoffs and crown a champion in a “bubble” in Las Vegas or somewhere else. However, there would need to be much more widely available and accurate testing for the coronavirus, plus a number of other logistical challenges that need to be met. That timeline has to include enough of a run-up that training staffs can get players back into game shape to avoid injuries.