Owner Joe Lacob says Warriors might trade down from high draft pick

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

When asked what he would do with the No. 1 pick if he were in charge of the Golden State Warriors, NBC Sports’ Rob Dauster said he would look to trade down. He said if they could slide back to picks four through six, they could likely land a player such as Obi Toppin, Isaac Okoro, or Deni Avdija — players who should not go No. 1 but are better poised to help immediately.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob agreed. Lacob joined Tim Kawakami of The Athletic on the “The TK Show” podcast and admitted what everyone else around the league knew, that the Warriors might look to trade down (hat tip NBC Sports Bay Area).

“We’re gonna look at all scenarios. Honestly. I’m not gonna hide this, we’re gonna look at drafting someone at our position. Maybe we trade down, that’s a possibility. I’m not saying it’s preferred or not preferred. I’m just saying it’s something we have to look at it.”

The Warriors had the worst record in the NBA at the time play was suspended, and it’s highly unlikely we will see enough regular season games played (if any) to change that. As it stands now, Golden State would have a 14 percent chance of landing the top pick, a 52 percent chance of a top-four pick, and a 48 percent chance of falling to fifth.

Next season the Warriors should have a healthy Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson back in the lineup with a rested Draymond Green plus Andrew Wiggins. This is a win-now roster, and few rookies fit that mold.

If the Warriors land a top-three pick, expect them to try to move down either for other picks or veteran help. The problem is this is a weak draft, especially at the top — Dauster described it as the top three picks in this draft would go 6-10 most years — so there may not be much return is sliding down. Still, the Warriors should explore it.

Lacob says they will.

The Draft itself is still scheduled for June 25, but teams are asking the NBA to push it back into August or later. That likely will happen, but the league can’t set a date for the draft until it knows what is happening with the rest of this season, and that remains up in the air.