Carmelo Anthony supports Adam Silver, suspension of NBA season

Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony was in the middle of a renaissance season in Portland. After being out of the league for more than a year, he had come back and found a role with the Trail Blazers that worked, and he was talking about staying on with the team next season. Plus, he loves the pinot noirs in Oregon.

It’d be understandable if Anthony was ticked about the NBA suspending play, but he told NBC Sports Portland.

“Anytime the NBA can suspend a season, you know that there’s more going on out there in the world,” Melo said. “It’s bigger than the NBA. It’s something that the NBA can’t fight, it’s something the NBA can’t touch. It’s deeper and bigger than the NBA.”

He continued: “So, I condone Adam Silver for making that decision on suspending the NBA because if the NBA wouldn’t have suspended it, the other leagues wouldn’t have followed. It’s a lot of things that’s been affected. So, everybody just got to take their time and figure out what that plan is.”

Anthony also talked about his love of wine, joining teammate CJ McCollum as an oenophile.

Something they have time to explore, at least at home, until the league returns from this suspension.