Report: Since-diagnosed with coronavirus, Christian Wood played 76ers with flu-like symptoms

Christian Wood in Pistons-76ers
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Pistons big Christian Wood tested positive for coronavirus Saturday.

The prior Wednesday, he apparently played the 76ers DESPITE IT BEING KNOWN HE WAS SICK.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

It is a complete failure Wood played in that game.

It’s a failure by the Pistons. It’s a failure by the NBA.

How does a league that was consulting with the CDC allow that happen? Information was and is being learned quickly amid this unprecedented outbreak. But by then, it was already clear to the experts: We didn’t have sufficient testing, so it was important to isolate anyone who showed signs of even possibly having coronavirus in order to limit the spread.

The same day, Nebraska coach Fred Hoiberg – who was visibly sick on the bench during his team’s Big Ten tournament game – received justified backlash for exposing others to his unknown illness. Thankfully, Hoiberg was later diagnosed with just a common cold. But that could have turned out much differently based on the information Hoiberg had when he decided to coach.

In hindsight, it was always naïve to believe the NBA could avoid a coronavirus diagnosis by a player, coach, trainer or someone else close to a team. That the NBA was even trying to start new games Wednesday night after suspending future play shows just how behind the league was. The NBA lucked out by Rudy Gobert testing positive so soon, leading to a hiatus. That has gone a long way in getting important messages out:

We should all socially distance as much as feasibly possible. If you are showing symptoms of coronavirus – whether or not it eventually turns out you eventually have it – you should be especially vigilant about isolating.