Serge Ibaka says he really was angry with OG Anunoby during scarves spat


Raptors teammates Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby got into a delightfully heated argument about fashion – specifically scarves (see video above).

Yang-Yi Goh of GQ:

Serge Ibaka wants you to know it wasn’t an act.

Yes, I was angry,” the Toronto Raptors forward tells me, when I ask how real his emotions were during the priceless viral scarf squabble that broke out between him and teammate OG Anunoby during a recent episode of Ibaka’s YouTube fashion show Avec Classe. To this point in our conversation, Ibaka has been upbeat and jovial, but the tone shifts ever so slightly when I bring up his younger colleague’s insinuation that he taught Ibaka about neck warmers. Maybe, just maybe, Ibaka isn’t totally over it just yet. “When I started wearing scarves,” he declares, voice rising, “OG was still in high school watching me play on TV.”

I think this is kayfabe. But I’m not totally sure. Which means Ibaka really was upset – or it’s really good kayfabe.