Toronto players, the last to face the Jazz in a game, tested negative for COVID-19

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

There has been, rightfully, some pushback from people on how quickly NBA players have been able to get tested for the novel coronavirus. In a nation where the lack of testing (and with that, ability to track the virus) has hindered the ability to slow its growth, when Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tested positive suddenly 58 other tests were readily available for the rest of the team and traveling party. That level of availability needs to be much wider spread.

That said, NBA players are getting tested and next up was the Toronto Raptors, who had played the Jazz just two nights before Gobert’s positive test stopped the Jazz from facing the Thunder. Fortunately, no Raptors players tested positive, the team announced (with one test still pending). That includes Serge Ibaka, who was matched up on Gobert most of the night.

Toronto players are still in self-quarantine out of an abundance of caution.

The entire NBA remains paused for at least 30 days as the league works to make sure the players stay healthy and awaits the clearance for large gatherings to resume.