Joel Embiid changes nickname to ‘do a 180’ after wrong Jeopardy! answer

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Joel Embiid was a Jeopardy! answer.

Like ending up in the New York Times crossword puzzle, there’s a certain level of nerdy fame to being a “Jeopardy!” answer. That happened to Joel Embiid on Wednesday night. The first-round category was “Current Sports Nicknames,” and the $1000 question was about the Sixers’ All-Star big man — and the contestants had zero idea about Embiid’s “The Process” nickname.

But one contestant, Paul, took a hilarious guess.

I kind of like the idea of Sam Hinkie walking around saying, “trust the do a 180”.

NBA Twitter loved this answer, as it should.

Embiid chose to lean into this and changed his Twitter nickname to “do a 180.”

For the record, Paul went on to win the night and $21,000, he will return as Thursday’s champion. So he’s good with whatever you want to say about his missed sports answer.