Reports: Spurs save just $811,447 in DeMarre Carroll buyout

Spurs forward DeMarre Carroll, who'll join the Rockets after buyout
Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Spurs signed 37-year-old Pau Gasol to a ridiculously expensive contract in 2017. By last season, he was ready to move on. Gasol even surrendered $2.5 million of his remaining $10,401,695 in a buyout so he could join the Bucks late last season.

That seemed to set a template for DeMarre Carroll, who was still due a similar $10,214,689 over the rest of his contract.

San Antonio signed Carroll last summer. But he never cracked the rotation and wanted out. The Spurs agreed to a buyout, allowing Carroll to join the Rockets.

But Carroll surrendered far less.

Bobby Marks of ESPN:

Carroll did quite well to gain his freedom while leaving no money on the table if he signs with Houston tomorrow. (Gasol recouped just $333,285 in Milwaukee then got just $463,684 from the Trail Blazers this season.)

As for the Spurs, I don’t get it. I don’t why they got so little from 33-year-old Carroll, who was solid with the Nets the previous couple years. And I don’t get why they’d take such a large cap hit (equal to the amount of due money Carroll didn’t surrender). Unlike Carroll if they kept him, the cap hit is untradeable. It’s just an anchor.