Report: Andre Drummond said he wouldn’t return if Cavaliers kept John Beilein

Cavaliers center Andre Drummond
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Update: Drummond denied it:

File this under: What else is he supposed to say?


Andre Drummond didn’t sound happy about getting traded from the Pistons to the Cavaliers.

Then, he learned just how bad it was in Cleveland.

Drummond – who has a $28,751,774 player option for next season – joined a team in disarray under coach John Beilein.

Jason Lloyd of The Athletic on 92.3 The Fan:

Drummond already told people, “If Beilein is back, I’m out.” He’s been here for two weeks, and Drummond had made it clear that this is worse than Detroit.

Of course, Drummond thought it was worse in Cleveland. The Cavs are worse than the Pistons and not in a destination market. That’s enough.

The cultural problems with Beilein gave Drummond even more reason to squawk. Drummond had a respected veteran coach in Dwane Casey in Detroit. That was surely an unwelcome adjustment for the center.

But the losing and market were sufficient.

This was a risk of trading for Drummond. He knew he wasn’t necessarily a long-term piece with the Pistons. In Cleveland, he knows the Cavs are at least interested in keeping him long-term. Otherwise, there would have been no good reason to trade for him during a lost season.

This gives Drummond power, and he’s clearly exercising it. Whether he’d actually decline his option is another matter. Merely talking about leaving gives him influence.

Beilein is resigning, though that clearly wasn’t about just Drummond.

Still, even if he opts in, Drummond might not be long for Cleveland.