Suspended Chinese Basketball Association season reportedly to restart April 1

Getty Images

The massive toll the coronavirus — now called COVID-19 — has had on China continues, with 63,000 cases reported and 1,380 official deaths in the nation from the disease. Mass quarantines and other steps to contain the outbreak remains a massive undertaking that has disrupted daily life in the world’s most populous country (and led to precautions in the United States and around the world).

That disruption includes the indefinite suspension of the Chinese Basketball Association season. Almost all of the American players in the league were sent home. As Jeremy Lin said on Instagram: “The CBA season’s been postponed indefinitely and I’m on standby, training and staying ready if the season resumes.”

The CBA season is going to resume on April 1, according to a report from Emiliano Carchia of Sportando.

I would take that report with a grain of salt as China is still working to contain the virus. Chinese officials have said they are making progress on that front, but with China’s record of transparency on this issue (and others), everything should be viewed skeptically.

The other question is how this would work for the league, does it resume a shortened season followed by a shortened playoffs? Jump straight to a shortened playoffs? And, for the players, how will this all affect their pay (something FIBA will likely have to help sort out)?

As with all things around COVID-19, there seem to be more questions than answers.