Joel Embiid gets a few boos from Philly fans during introductions

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

If television and streaming didn’t exist, and Sixers fans could only watch home games, they would be planning the championship parade route. Philadelphia is 23-2 at home.

However, Sixers fans do watch road games, where the team has dropped 12-of-14 and five in a row. Philly fans are frustrated with a team not living up to its potential, and when the home team stumbled a little recently, they booed Joel Embiid, the team leader. He responded by “sushing” the crowd after a critical late three against the Bulls. That became a thing when Embiid decided to troll the fans a little on social media (then Jimmy Butler jumped in).

Tuesday night before the 76ers took on the Clippers, there were a few boos mixed in the cheers.

A few minutes later, after an Embiid offensive rebound and putback, he waved the crowd on and they were behind him again.

Other teams may be monitoring the situation, but Embiid isn’t going anywhere in the short term. That might be a different story for coach Brett Brown, but teams don’t trade away All-NBA talent until they are forced to.