Rockets reportedly tried to trade for DeAndre Jordan at deadline

DeAndre Jordan coronavirus
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets are going small — Clint Capela is out, 6’5″ P.J. Tucker is the starting center, and Mike D’Antoni’s Rockets are trying to revolutionize the NBA by going even smaller.

Except, they tried to trade for DeAndre Jordan at the deadline, prying him out of Brooklyn, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports in an Instagram video.

As much as the Rockets have had success so far in the regular season with small-ball, it’s difficult to imagine that working well in the playoffs against the size and length of the Lakers/Clippers/Jazz/Nuggets. Houston is in the market for a center.

Did Houston ask about Jordan? No doubt.

Was there any chance they were going to get Brooklyn to trade the guy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving specifically requested be on their team? No. The chances of that were zero.

More interestingly, who benefits by leaking this story?