NBA’s Last Two Minute Report agrees: Rudy Gobert goaltended on Damian Lillard

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

This isn’t a surprise — the in-game officials already admitted they made a mistake. This also isn’t going to save Damian Lillard from a fine (even if it should).

However, the NBA’s Last Two Minute report confirmed what everyone else saw: Rudy Gobert goaltended on Damian Lillard’s attempt to tie the game in the final seconds Friday night. From the report:

“Gobert (UTA) makes contact with Lillard’s (POR) shot attempt after it hits the backboard and still has a chance to score. Goaltending is only a reviewable matter when it is whistled on the floor by officials.”

The second part of that became the issue — because the referees didn’t call anything, by the NBA’s rules there is nothing to review. This can’t be sent to the review center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The referees owned up to the miss later, that was not enough for a pissed off Lillard.

Utah went on to hit their free throws and win the game, 117-114.

The league report changes nothing. Hopefully, what can come out of this in future seasons is a way for the review center to buzz the game officials on blatant missed calls — whether there was a call to review or not — and have them get it right. For a Portland team trying to catch Memphis and get into the playoffs, this game mattered.