Heat negotiating contract extension with Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari

Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari vs. Heat
Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

The Heat kept raising the stakes last night:

They’re trading for Andre Iguodala!

They’re signing him to a contract extension!

They’re also trying to trade for Danilo Gallinari!

Now, Miami is going even further. As they try to rope the Thunder into their trade with the Grizzlies, the Heat are apparently talking extension with Gallinari, too.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

An extra year of team control would make Gallinari more valuable to the Heat, helping to justify the return necessary to appease the Thunder.

Miami already owes Oklahoma City a first-round pick that’s lottery-protected in 2023, 2024 and 2025 and unprotected in 2026. The Heat could unprotect that pick, which would also allow them to add another first-rounder to the trade.

That might be necessary if Miami unloads negative-value contracts of Dion Waiters and James Johnson in the deal.

The Heat are reportedly prioritizing 2021 cap space. So, expect Gallinari’s extension to follow Iguodala’s with only one guaranteed season.

The largest salary Gallinari could earn next season via an extension: $23,746,337.

Would Gallinari lock in now for that amount and enter free agency at age 32 rather than seek a long-term deal at 31 coming off this strong season? Maybe if it meant going from Oklahoma City to Miami. More teams will have significant cap space in 2021 than this summer, too.