A lot of teams reportedly calling Lakers about Alex Caruso availability

Alex Caruso
Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

If you want to watch Laker Nation freak out, tell them the Lakers might trade Alex Caruso.

It’s highly unlikely to happen — unless the Lakers get a Godfather offer they can’t refuse — but this time of year teams call about everyone. And the secret of Caruso is out, so the Lakers are getting calls.

Caruso has been a respectable rotation player for the Lakers (he usually plays the minutes LeBron James sits), averaging 5.5 points a game and shooting 36 percent from three. What attracts teams is he makes $2.75 million this season and next — that’s quality production for a low price. Plus, the guy can dunk.

Caruso — the “White Mamba” — is a fan favorite, getting a huge ovation every game when he steps on the court. That popularity would enter into the Lakers thinking if they got a trade offer ahead of Thursday’s deadline.

It’s tough to imagine a team offering up enough to make the Lakers take this seriously, but teams are calling. As they should, who couldn’t use a Caruso off the bench?