Report: Tristan Thompson’s camp wants Cavaliers to trade him

Cavaliers big Tristan Thompson
Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Remember all the way back two months ago when the Cavaliers wanted to keep Tristan Thompson through the trade deadline then re-sign him next summer?

He looked around and saw a team that’s 13-38, only in the early stages of rebuilding, run by a coach who called players thugs when he intended to call them slugs and said nah.

Joe Vardon of

Thompson’s camp wants him traded by Thursday’s deadline. The people close to him are calling it a “priority.”

Thompson did this the financially prudent way, leaking it with the cover of anonymity. Getting the trade desire attributed to his “camp” further distances Thompson.

Kings center Dewayne Dedmon got fined for saying something similar, because he did it with his name attached.

Sometimes, players want to be traded. The NBA shouldn’t punish them for being honest about it publicly. That’s a disservice to fans who want true information about the teams and players they following.

That rant over…

Thompson’s $18,539,130 salary is an impediment to a trade. He could help plenty of winning teams. But how many of those teams can aggregate enough salary to match his without including a more-valuable player?

The Wizards are reportedly interested.

This report indicates Thompson would leave the Cavs in free agency next summer if they don’t trade him. He might also seek a buyout if not dealt.

If traded this week, Thompson would have full Bird Rights next offseason with whichever team acquired him. So, getting traded now is Thompson’s best hope of joining a team he might want to sign with in the summer and giving that team a path to pay him.