Dillon Brooks, Ja Morant done with Andre Iguodala’s trade demand; Stephen Curry fires back

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Andre Iguodala will almost certainly be in another uniform by Thursday night — and the young Grizzlies apparently can’t wait until he’s gone.

Golden State traded Iguodala to Memphis last summer in a cost-saving move, and Iguodala didn’t want to suit up for a rebuilding team. Memphis wasn’t going to buy him out, so the two sides agreed that Iguodala would sit out, away from the team, until a trade could be put together. Thing is, those “rebuilding” Grizzlies are 25-25 and comfortably sitting as the eighth seed in the West. They could use a veteran wing such as Iguodala, but he has not joined the team.

After another win on Monday night, Dillon Brooks made his thoughts on Iguodala public — and Ja Morant backed him up.

Stephen Curry stepped up and had Iguodala’s back.

It’s easy to see why an aging veteran such as Iguodala wouldn’t want to spend the season on a rebuilding team. It’s also easy to see the feisty young Grizzlies would take offense to that.

If Iguodala gets traded — he’s trying to control where he gets sent — circle the date that team goes to Memphis. That will be a show.