Marcus Morris says Jae Crowder has ‘female tendencies on the court’


The Knicks and Grizzlies fought last night after Jae Crowder stole the ball then attempted a 3-pointer late in Memphis’ win. Marcus Morris was barely involved, pushing Ja Morant then exchanging pushes with Jonas Valanciunas.

Then, Morris made himself the main story after the game.



I think dude is just, he plays the game a different way. Just a lot of female tendencies on the court – flopping and just throwing his head back the entire game. And like I said, it’s a man’s game, and you just get tired of it at the end of the day. Obviously at the end, that was very unprofessional. They win the game. It’s a good team. And he does stuff like that, man.

The steal was cool. He got the steal. It is what it is. But when you step back and shoot a 3 – you know what I’m saying? – and try to low-key rub it in that they’re winning, it’s just unprofessional. That’s soft. His game is soft. He’s soft. That’s just how he carries. It’s just very woman-like.

Let me get this straight: Morris had his feeling hurt because someone shot the ball during a basketball game. And women are soft?

Morris was wrong. Understand that in no uncertain terms. There are tough women, tough men, soft women, soft men. “Female” should not be an insult.


It’s good that Morris apologized. This was an opportunity for all of us to more thoughtfully consider our words.

Did Morris actually learn from this, though? I wouldn’t rush to judgment based on a few tweets, but reducing the mistake to being in the heat of the moment and saying he didn’t intend for women to feel disrespected is weak. Morris was disrespectful, and – however he was feeling – he did say it. He should own that. (Ironically, speaking impulsively because someone is too caught in emotion is often viewed as something women do.)

For what it’s worth, Crowder is not soft.