Elfrid Payton stands by shoving Jae Crowder: ‘Don’t disrespect the game like that’


Marcus Morris embarrassed himself after the Knicks’ loss to the Grizzlies last night.

But he wasn’t the only New York player to do so.

Elfrid Payton started the in-game fight after Jae Crowder stole the ball then shot a 3-pointer late. Payton pushed down Crowder following the release.

Then, Payton doubled down post-game.



Standing on that. I’d a did it again. Didn’t matter who took that shot. Don’t disrespect the game like that.

Let me get this straight: Shooting the ball during a basketball game is disrespecting the game, but shoving someone is not? Right.

Did Crowder disrespect the Knicks? Absolutely. They can take umbrage with that.

But spare me the holier-than-though nonsense about disrespecting the game.