Pelicans: Zion Williamson expected to debut in one week vs. Spurs

Zion Williamson
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Zion Williamson won’t debut tonight, as rumored.

But the No. 1 pick will play for the Pelicans soon.

Will Guillory of The Athletic:

As a high-flying athletic marvel coming off one of the most productive college seasons of all-time, Williamson carries considerable hype. Anticipation for his debut, already strong, will only intensify as next Wednesday approaches.

It’s probably too late for Williamson and New Orleans to achieve their main goals this season. Ja Morant has a huge lead for Rookie of the Year. The Pelicans (15-26) are four games and six teams from playoff position.

But there’s at least a chance New Orleans can surge into the No. 8 seed. Several Pelicans have been hurt and could return soon. Williamson will provide the biggest spark, but plenty of reinforcements could be on the way.

It’s also important for New Orleans to assess how its talent fits together, particularly with the distinctively skilled Williamson. The Pelicans must determine how to build around him long-term.

And if nothing else, it’ll just be fun just to see Williamson playing again.