Zion Williamson looks sleepy on bench during Pelicans-Pistons (video)

Zion Williamson
Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

DETROIT – Zion Williamson burst from the Pelicans’ locker room seemingly as soon as their post-game session ended. He ran across the hall into a weight room to watch the College Football Playoff National Championship on television. As a South Carolina native playing in Louisiana, Williamson had some interest in the LSU-Clemson game.

He didn’t look nearly as engaged earlier in the night as he sat on the Pelicans’ bench during their overtime win over the Pistons:

I wouldn’t assume Williamson was falling asleep. This clip lasts just a few seconds. It’s impossible to tell with certainty what he’s doing while looking down.

But I wouldn’t assume he wasn’t falling asleep, either. His eyelids sure seemed heavy.

Hopefully, Williamson looks more lively in New Orleans’ next game – on the court.