Report: Hawks could have already traded for Pistons’ Andre Drummond by including first-round pick

Andre Drummond in Pistons-Hawks
Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Hawks are reportedly interested in Pistons center Andre Drummond.

Sam Amick of USA Today:

the Hawks, per a second source, could have landed Drummond already if they were willing to include a first-round pick in the deal.

Presumably, the deal would have also included an expiring contract or two – Chandler Parson’s, Evan Turner‘s/Alex Len‘s or Allen Crabbe‘s/Alex Len’s – make salaries match.

This is a great gauge of Drummond’s trade value. Other teams are also interested in the center.

But I wonder whether we’re missing an important detail: Which pick?

Atlanta has several first-round picks – all its own, the Nets’ 2020 lottery-protected and the Thunder’s 2022 lottery-protected. There’s significant difference in value across those selections. Would Detroit have dealt Drummond for any first-round pick? Or did the Pistons require a higher selection, maybe even the Hawks’ unprotected 2020 pick?

It makes sense Atlanta would balk at any first-rounder. If they want Drummond, the Hawks can just try to sign him in unrestricted free agency this summer. Though losing less would feel nice amid turmoil, Atlanta isn’t accomplishing anything significant this season, anyway. It’s probably better to wait and not surrender an asset, unless Drummond is willing to opt in or extend his contract.

For determining Detroit’s asking price, though, details on the first-rounder would be nice. Still, knowing the Pistons’ are seeking a single first-rounder is at least helpful information.