Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins got into heated late-night Twitter beef

Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant were teammates in Oklahoma City for all or part of five NBA seasons, including the Thunder’s 2012 run to the NBA Finals.

Which apparently means they know each other well enough for Durant to say exactly what would get under Perkins’ skin.

Perkins is an ESPN personality now and — on the night of Russell Westbrook‘s return to Oklahoma City — was going on SportsCenter to say Westbrook was the best Thunder player ever. Perkins got called out on the “best” part of that, and then Durant jumped in and it got fun. Here’s a screenshot/Twitter feed of what was said.

Perkins speaks for a lot of fans who didn’t like KD’s jump to Golden State. Durant will have to use his two championship rings and two Finals MVP trophies to comfort himself when he sleeps at night.

Durant loves getting in these kinds of Twitter beefs. He’s said before it’s why he goes on Twitter. I’m not sure Perkins feels the same way.