New Orleans mad at referees (again) after no-call at end of loss to Utah

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

No New Orleans sports team can catch a break from the referees. Over the weekend, the Saints got screwed — again — by a bad pass interference no-call at the end of the game (let’s not even get into the Saints/Rams from a year ago).

Monday night, down two with time running out, Brandon Ingram drove the length of the court, went right at two-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert, got hit on the arm as the shot went up, but no call. Utah won 128-126.

The referees went to replay, but they could only look and see if the shot was taken in time and if seconds should have been added to the clock. Because there was no foul call, there was nothing for the referees to review and rule on with the shot attempt.

Ingram’s drive was coast-to-coast, he had gotten the rebound off a Bojan Bogdanovic miss, and when he did both coach Alvin Gentry and J.J. Redick tried to call timeout, and the officials did not see the request.

It’s the kind of play that should lead to a discussion of how instant replay is used. Unless you ask J.J. Redick.