Warriors’ Marquese Chriss fined $35,000 for shoving Luka Doncic to the ground

Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA comes down hard on players who do anything that can lead to another players’ injury — a blow to the head, for example. Shoving a player into photographers along the baseline qualifies.

Golden State’s Marquese Chriss was fined $35,000 by the NBA Monday for shoving Dallas’ Luka Doncic into photographers on Saturday night, the league announced.

One can’t blame Doncic for getting up ready to fight, that shove could have led to serious injury.

That fine doesn’t seem excessive on the face for a blatant shove, plus the league said “the amount of the fine was based in part on the fact that Chriss has been disciplined on several prior occasions for physical altercations on the court.” However, considering Chriss is on a minimum salary it’s a serious blow to his pocketbook.

Which is why Chriss’ agents are trying to get the fine reduced.

That fine doesn’t seem unreasonable considering the blatant shove, and the league rarely changes its mind. But Chriss is going to try.