Watch Klay Thompson, in full uniform, shoot a fadeaway corner three

Klay Thompson cleared
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Think Klay Thompson wants back on the court?

Here’s some video from the Warriors’ practice facility of Klay Thompson — in full uniform — taking the pass from coach Zaza Pachulia and hitting a fadeaway three from the corner.

This is not some one-off from Thompson to get some video hits according to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Logan Murdock.

Thompson wants to get back on the court, but hitting this shot at half speed in an empty gym is a very different thing from being ready for games. Thompson is a competitor, he wants back on the court as soon as he possibly can be, that’s why fans love him.

It’s also part of the role of a team’s medical staff in these situations is to protect the player from themselves. Don’t let them skip steps. Don’t let a player come back too early and suffer a worse injury because he wasn’t 100 percent.

We may get some Thompson time later this season, we may not, but don’t expect him to be on the court anytime soon. For the Warriors with their lost season, there is no motivation to push to get him back.