Buddy Hield apologizes to Kings after bringing up ‘trust issues’

Buddy Hield
Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Buddy Hield, after playing sparingly in crunch time of the Kings’ last two losses, said he didn’t feel his coaches trusted him.

James Ham of NBC Sports California:

Before taking the practice court Friday, Hield apologized to his teammates and coaches in an attempt to put the situation behind him.

“He showed maturity and responsibility and addressed his teammates before we started and I was happy to see that,” coach Luke Walton said.

Hield wasn’t wrong. Walton doesn’t fully trust him right now. That’s evident by playing time.

Hield’s mistake was putting the onus on the coaching staff. He hasn’t played well lately, shooting 29% on 2-pointers and 23% on 3-pointers during Sacramento’s five-game losing streak. Maybe Hield’s shooting is just random in a small sample, but he can play with better defensive effort to offset a cold shooting streak. He should look in the mirror for ways to help the team before blaming the coach.

The previous time he took his issues with the Kings public, Hield got his desired contract extension. But this isn’t a similar situation. Sacramento has more problems while dealing with its losing streak. Frustration is higher throughout the team.

It’s helpful Hield realized now isn’t the right time to add to it.