Watch Tacko Fall conduct the Boston Pops

Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Tacko Fall steals the show — literally any show.

That’s been true at the Boston Garden, where the 7’5″ center out of Senegal (and Central Florida) is a fan favorite and has them chanting his name — “We want Tacko” — to get him in the end of games. Once Brad Stevens waives him in, it’s been the most electric the Garden has been all night, and that includes the Boston bench going wild with his every move.

Monday night, Fall stole the show at the Boston Pops, where he came on to conduct the orchestra in “Sleigh Ride.” And he threw in a twirl for good measure.

Maybe the most impressive feat on that stage was from the tailor who made the custom tux for Fall.

We’d all like some Tacko for Christmas, but on the road against the Raptors it seems a long shot he gets in the game.