Jimmy Butler talks soccer, Neymar, friendship with Pogba, with Two Robbies


Jimmy Butler doesn’t just love country music, he loves soccer.

NBC Sports’ Premiere League crew were in Miami last weekend for a Fan Fest event and The Two Robbies sat down with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler to talk about his love of soccer. A few highlights:

• He fell in love with the sport attending the Rio Olympics gold medal game where Brazil won on their home turf thanks to a Neymar penalty kick.

• Butler used to wear Neymar gear all the time after that, and they are still friends.

• The fan engagement during the game — the constant chanting and singing — was unlike anything Butler had ever seen. It’s certainly different from an NBA crowd.

• Butler’s friendship with Paul Pogba started because Butler met Pogba’s mother while in Senegal.

• Butler plays some pickup soccer around Miami.