Report: NBA considering $1 million-per-player payout for in-season-tournament winner

NBA commissioner Adam Silver

The NBA has plenty of ideas for getting people to care about an in-season tournament that so far only NBA commissioner Adam Silver seems excited about:

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

That will motivate low-end players, some of whom could nearly double their income.

The stars who largely drive whether their teams win? That’s a tougher sell. Though they’d all welcome an extra $1 million, some might prefer resting rather than playing extra tournament games (teams not in the final eight-team knockout tournament will get five days off). Not chasing the money is also a way for them to look cool and powerful.

Maybe peer pressure from lower-paid teammates would push stars to compete. But this policy would be far from a silver bullet.

And where would this $13 million-$17 million (depending on roster size) come from? Would that lower players’ regular compensation?